Book Review | Alien Contact For Runaway Moms by Edward Hoornaert

I read Alien Contact For Runaways Moms by Edward Hoornaert this week and have several thoughts on the novel, cover, and a weird quirk inside the book at the end of every chapter. It was a decent read that I enjoyed. My thoughts are below…

I want to begin this book review diving right into the complaints because there are a few of them that popped up! I hate the cover and title. The reason for the hate is unclear and hard to pinpoint. Logic says it is nicely done but just as an opinion, am not a fan.  I just do not like them at all.

The one thing I disliked other than the cover and title is the weird quirk the author has at the end of the chapter. He places photos of something that is supposed to resemble objects and scenery of this alien culture. It was just tacky! I felt jolted out of the story each time with those. They didn’t match the images flying around in my head, I would have rather have them left out.

They are useless and pointless.

They feel all wrong for the vibe of the book and don’t do the novel justice. Hoornaert’s book was fascinating and well done but none of this is reflected in the title, cover, or images display for the work, which was a very enthralling read that kept me hooked.

If it had not been for the synopsis, I probably would have never requested the book for review on NetGalley at all. This book would never have found a home on my kindle; however, I am very pleased that it did.

There are no regrets for the time spent reading this.

Alien Contact For Runaway Moms’ back story and the world truly sucked me in. The scene is refreshing and such a novel idea. The uniqueness and creativeness the author used to place the us where we needed to be is beyond impeccable.

The world premise is based on an alien world that was depleting and losing resources. These “Aliens” are human-like and use their superior science to world hop, leading them to modern earth on an island located on the Pacific Ocean. If I am remembering correctly. Now from my understanding, the world has accumulated and this alien island is treated as its own country filled with a king and nobility.

Readers find themselves following multiple points of view as young Audra and her daughter Roxie try to enter the secret underground hideaway, along the way the two meet Tal. He is an alien and is described as resembling someone with strong Native American ancestry in their genes. Audra is terrified of him but finds herself strangely attracted to the troubled man as they face each face their own demons. It is quite captivating and I love the characters immensely including Duchess Opsie.

Audra’s uncle is also a very nice character to have read and loved that side of the story because it really did provide readers with a more rounded view of all that is going on. The dynamic between Matt, Audra’s uncle, and the Duchess are rather cute and endearing. Honestly, I liked them as a couple more than I did Audra and Tal. They are just perfect for each other. The heartstrings were being pulled vigorously reading the fear and insecurity of the two. I am a huge sucker for this kind of romance!

The characters are just so real. The four are chalk full of messy emotions and flaws. They have past that is vivid and real. Consequences that have shaped their future. Something so tangible and easy to relate with. I loved it!

This book ranks a very high 3 out of 5 for me.!


She’s running from an abusive lover…but what is she running to?

When her abusive lover tries to take custody of her baby, Audra flees where even he can’t follow: the aliens’ forbidden cities underneath Kwadra Island. But can the safety she wants for her daughter survive a search party, violent alien criminals — and the love of an emotionally damaged Kwadran?

Though his life has degenerated into drinking, fighting, and physical labor, Tal Pelletier used to be a brilliant technician. When Audra asks his help finding a hidden entrance into Kwadra’s abandoned underground, it’s a second chance at life, because she and her baby remind him of the wife and child he lost. But can he protect them from the criminal gang—and the demons inside him?



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14 thoughts on “Book Review | Alien Contact For Runaway Moms by Edward Hoornaert

  1. Gosh this cover is so terrible! Don’t get me wrong: a well-written story will always be cherished no matter how hideous the cover is, but that does not undermine the importance of a creative and aesthetically pleasing cover, especially in this era where marketing is so important for the success of any book.

    I am glad the story is well-written, though I won’t lie, the plot (according to your review) is making me feel somewhat uncomfortable. Of course, I will have to read the book myself to make any judgements, but it seems a little odd and slightly insensitive to me that the alien is coded to be a PoC and are basically shown to be colonizers (world hoping because their planet has depleting resources until they basically take over an entire island on earth is very close to colonization). Again, I haven’t read this book so my misgivings might be misplaced, but as someone who comes from a country that has a history of colonization this makes me feel a little uncomfortable.

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    • Yeah your misgivings are pretty far off. It is not like that at all. They don’t even take over an entire island that already was here but moved an island from their planet to ours and there is nothing to be uncomfortable or offended by in this book. it is really good!


      • That is still very similar to taking up space that isn’t yours but like I have mentioned before I might be wrong. It was just my opinion.


      • Umm that wasn’t the intention lol. This is just the opinion of a PoC who comes from a country that had been colonized and has intimate knowledge about it. Besides, I did make it very clear in my comment that my misgivings could be wrong as I haven’t read this book yet.


  2. I have to say I don’t like that book cover at all, or the title. I wouldn’t have a clue what the book would be about! Great review.

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  3. Not having read the book I must still agree regarding pictures a Scifi image should be left to the imagination of the reader, describe it yes, but leave the actuall picture of it up to the mind of the reader.

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