Book Review | Vibrant Awakening (The Prismatic Order Book 1) Written By Tiffany Ransier

I recently was given a free copy of The Vibrant Awakening written by Tiffany Ransier for an honest review. The book was extremely well-done and I thoroughly enjoyed reading the novel. Here is my review and thoughts of the story.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. It was well written and had lots of unique characters. The setting is crafted with excellent world building. I found the descriptions easily provided the escape and picture one seeks when reading. The book has multiple points of few centered around a group of young preteens and we are sucked right into their lives. The author leaves room for questions and lots of mystery. The plot and pacing is very slow to develop but as a reader I wanted to find out what happens so it wasn’t really an issue for me.

It was easy to relate with the concepts of young love and first boyfriends. The teens are all trying to navigate growing up and the social pressure of their peers like we all go through. The book has a lot of different characters and this really gave it a vibe of a big world. I loved the different personalities and perspectives of all points of view in reading this!

Rose reminds me of a character in a this movie and later a tv show called The Worst Witch. She is shy, awkward, and mishaps inevitably find her. I really loved her character because it also reminds me of myself and I am sure many introverts can see themselves. You really care about her feelings, thoughts, and problems. There is a lot of mystery but the ending answers a lot of questions. It was very satisfying

I would give the book 4 stars and it well placed under the YA category.



One day I’m a normal girl going to a brand new school. The next day I’m not.
There’s a change deep within myself that I can’t place. Something that aches to be let free.
But it isn’t just me, it’s my town. People are disappearing, and then later their bodies are found.
And in the back of my mind, I feel it. Someone is watching my every move…
Just waiting for the perfect moment to strike.
But why do they want me? Slowly it’s becoming clear…
I’ve been lied to my whole life. I’m not human and I don’t belong here.

*In multiple POVs*


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