Book Review | Arcam Written By Jason Minick | Mystery Crime Thriller

I had the pleasure of meeting Jason Minick through social media and the author was kind enough to provide me with a free copy of his latest novel titled Arcam for an honest review. Here are my thoughts on this fast-paced crime thriller…


Reading Jason Minick’s Arcam book was very enjoyable and I will not forget the main character Jack Robson anytime soon! He is definitely my biggest take away from the novel. His character is very easy to relate with and there is something very real about his struggles. Robson has inner demons and is by far not perfect but really is trying to be a good cop. Honestly, I found the man to be as endearing as Alex Cross and I absolutely adore both of them. They both are single parents. It is quite touching to how these men care for their children. The job is a tough one and Robson is constantly conflicted about the job and time spent with his young daughter jasmine all while mourning the loss of his wife Isabelle. It is so sad!

I really love how the author painted the setting and that it takes place in England. As a reader, I was able to get the picture of a quiet sleepy English village put into chaos. The kidnappings and criminal activity is not something usual from what I gathered. The plot thickens into so much more but I am unable to give that much detail without providing spoilers. It is not what you expect.

Overall a very good read!


DCI Jack Robson believes he is hunting a kidnapper…

Away from his posting in London, Robson is asked to lead an investigation in the south west of England. But what begins as a baffling local kidnapping mystery, quickly escalates into something far more sinister.

In pursuit of the perpetrators, DCI Robson joins forces with Inspector Emma Wilson and the rest of the regional CID team. Together, they attempt to make sense of the lack of evidence or motive, eventually getting drawn to the tiny island of Steep
Holm, in the Bristol Channel.

As the investigation progresses, Robson, Wilson and their colleagues find themselves facing something far beyond normal detective work. Unthinkable connections lead them to a conspiracy, so great it could change the course of humanity. The question is, can they intervene before it’s too late to prevent the appalling future that potentially lies ahead …


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