Short Story | Shallow Waters Of The Heart Written By Samantha James

Kelly’s world is turned a bit upside down when her father’s job moves the family from California to the state of Louisiana. The spoiled young teenager is ordered by her parents to work in a greenhouse’s garden ran by an old woman for the summer.

The old farmhouse and Ms. Claire look harmless enough to Kelly; however, not everything is as it seems …


Written by Samantha James 

Kelly was annoyed. Life was simply unfair and stupid. She had been the most popular student at her old high school and the head cheerleader. Everyone loved her because of the blonde hair that laid soft and straight at down the sides of her face. Kelly had visited the beach often which had given her California sun-kissed skin. Perfection was Kelly’s middle name and oh boy did she know it!

The plan was to become a cheerleader for the Dallas Cowboys. They were the sexiest women on the planet according to popular opinion. She would fit in nicely! Kelly had no doubts that this was going to be her future. It looked bright and promising. Nothing was going to rain on her parade. Kelly would marry rich and travel the world on private planes.

So why was she here?

In the middle of her sophomore year, Kelly’s parents had announced they were moving once the school year was over because her father received a promotion at work. The new position required them to transfer to some small parish outside of New Orleans in Louisiana.

This was a nightmare and Kelly felt like her world had ended. She had been here four weeks already and the summer heat was unbearable. Sweltering sweat dripped down her face and poured to the ground due to the awful humidity. Kelly was literally melting in Ms. Claire’s greenhouse. It was utterly ridiculous that this was reality. She was in some looser town being forced to labor in a garden. This was way beneath her and downright wrong. Chagrin and sizzling petulance bubbled up to the surface of Kelly’s mind. It was making her a bit snippy.

No! No! Kelly that is not the right way” declared Ms. Claire.

What do you mean!”

Make sure they do not get too much water. You will drown them!”

Whatever” mumbled Kelly.

Ms. Claire watched the girl roll her eyes and continue to liberally water the rows of Daisies, Buttercups, and Daffodils. The beautiful colors were being drenched. The light splashes of yellow and pink flowers were now showing grayish water spots.

Ms. Claire set down her little shovel and sighed.

”Stop. I will do that. Why don’t you go bring out some lemonade and the sandwiches I have in the fridge?”

Who do you think I am ?”

Excuse me”

I am not your maid just because my parents think your too old to be running a green-house.”

Kelly dropped the water pail letting it smash to the ground. The water spilled out when the cap flew under the row that displayed bright red roses. Kelly had no appreciation for the true and natural beauty that was all around her.

Ms. Claire found the rude girl’s shallowness to be sad and pathetic. She snapped her fingers in a quick sequence of sound. That ought to rectify the situation she thought with a satisfied smile.

Kelly was in an instant horrified. Ms. Claire had suddenly vanished from the greenhouse. Where had she gone? Thoughts seemed to become muddled. The girl was quite confused. She made her way out and walked the garden’s path toward the main house owned by Ms. Claire. Kelly figured that perhaps there was answers inside. The heat must have made her delusional. She was having an episode brought on by the torturous Louisiana day. That had to be it.

Once she was inside the house, it was easy to see that the halls remained empty. It really did not seem like anyone had been here all morning. This was so strange.

Hello?” She shouted.

There was no answer.


The silence was deafening. Kelly walked down the halls peeking into rooms as she went. There was not a single soul to be found. The kitchen, sitting room, and small study were absolutely abandoned. Kelly thought she would try the upstairs.

Ms. Claire might have gone up for a rest. As Kelly made her way up the rickety steps something did not feel quite right. This was not fear, foreboding, or intuition. Kelly’s feet and joints hurt. Each step brought trickles of pain right up to her hip. How odd. She feebly struggled up the steps of the staircase until finally the upstairs lay in front of her vision. She gasped for air.

Kelly was out of breathe. She wondered at this. Once her breathing stabilized to some degree of normalcy. Kelly decided to investigate the master bedroom. It lay at the end of a small hall that was to the left of the stair landing. The door to the room she sought was slightly ajar, barely opened a crack. A small ray of light spilled out onto the hall.

The closer Kelly got to the room, a feeling she could not shake washed over her. The swift thuds of the girl’s heartbeat felt like it was going to crash right out of her chest. The sound was deadly.

Thump! Thump! Thump!

Kelly continued toward the room. This was silly and idiotic. She reached the knob with a shaky hand that could barely remain steady enough to maneuver the door open.

There was nothing really out of the ordinary. A single queen sized bed made out of light brown wood was the vocal point. The furniture was mostly white. It was clear the furnishings had outlasted their use. A broken dresser stood to the right under a single window. The drawers did not look like they could open. This however is not what shocked and horrified Kelly. No. Not at all!

It was a mirror.

Standing off to the left between the bed and an old closet door stood a full length vanity mirror. The image staring out brought a blood curdling scream out of Kelly’s mouth that would startled the most unflinching of souls. Any sane person would have been alarmed. Cuts began to appear across the girl’s face. Blood dripped violently from Kelly’s eyes and seeped out of her ears.

The Doors Slammed. Windows banged closed.

Lights flickered off. There was not a sound in the house.

All went silent.


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Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed our story and would love feedback. Just leave your thoughts below in a comment! Always appreciated. 💕💕

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30 thoughts on “Short Story | Shallow Waters Of The Heart Written By Samantha James

  1. You definitely set up the main character for a downfall. I was thinking she was going to be magically ‘aged’ equal to Ms. Claire’s, so she could identify a bit. Instead–whew!–much more was inflicted upon her!

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