Poem & Updates Dedicated To The “Cordelia Alvin Dragon Trilogy”

This is a post to let everyone know some changes to the Cordelia Alvin Dragon Trilogy, an on going series of short stories I have been posting. The story is growing and evolving as we go on. Many changes are happening.

The first change is going to be the series name. It is going to be called The Dragon Trilogy. This is due directly from the evolution of the story. It is growing beyond just Cordelia and Cole. There is the introduction of two new couples.

I wrote a poem about the characters in the trilogy. This was to express some ideals and core traits of the six people the story centers around. I will be posting all of their stories right here on the blog as time goes on. I want this to be just an on going tale that never really ends.

If you haven’t read the first two installments then check them out below!






The six of them

They are the dragon witches

United they fight

Divided they die

It is not hard to see why


Cordelia and Cole

A simple fairy

A heartbroken dragon

They will set the world on fire

With a single flame

A swipe of the blade


Casper and Cassandra

They are the witches

Love is in the air

Not without fear

Do not worry dear

They are meant to be

You will see


Caroline and Caleb

They are the elves

The outnumbered

The outclassed

From the school of ironic

Evil from birth

They prove themselves

It is quite iconic


The six of them

They are the dragon witches

Chosen to rise

The world depends on them

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