Book Review : Beautiful Strangers Written By Erica R. Locke

What peaked my interest in Beautiful Strangers was vampires. I have no shame in how much I enjoy a good vampire story. I love series like The Vampire Chronicles by Ann Rice, Twilight by Stephanie Meyer, and Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead.

I had the pleasure of reading Beautiful Strangers ( AKA:  Raziel’s Journey (Volume 1) ) written by Erica R Locke. I was given a free e-book copy in exchange for offering my honest thoughts of the material. I love doing this because some of my new recent favorite authors have been found by Beta reading.

Naturally, I was enthusiastic about the vampire aspect of the Ms. Locke’s book. I was even more excited as I read because “Brent” is not an ordinary vampire and this was a fresh take on vampires that I have not seen.

The little bit of extra gore and doom feeling was refreshing. Ms. Locke added a unique aspect to the very popular vampire scene in literature and film. They are refined vampires but live underground through secret passages. They have no problem hanging out in luxurious living room but at the same time leaving skeleton bones in the hallway along with blood on the walls. Brent is a very likable. There is something quite endearing the way he takes on his main quest and his initial reaction to it. He was happy and was given hope for it. It is very cute to read in my opinion. Brent’s outlook on life and search for a purpose is something everyone feels at times.

The story is not only centered around a vampire but a girl that is not quite what she seems to be at a glance. Raziel is soft-spoken, kind hearted, opinionated, and very morale. Readers will get to witness the tribulations and struggles she faces as a young woman. It begins when Raziel’s only and best friend is kidnapped and murdered heinously. It doesn’t stop there; however, Brent is helpless to step in and fix things for her. Raziel must face the world as it is handed alone.

I loved the very concise and simple tone Ms. Locke’s writing displays. It is a captivating and well told tale that yet told with precision. I would definitely recommend this book to others!



Raziel’s life couldn’t be more perfect. She has a wonderful mother she can’t live without and a best friend who is more like a sister. Then one day, her life spirals out of control when her best friend is kidnapped and murdered. Raziel begins manifesting powers she isn’t aware of. Raziel doesn’t think life can get any worse, until her stepfather murders her mother. Then she is in and out of foster homes. Her powers are getting stronger. Whenever she feels she is getting her life back together, something else happens. And her never-ending battle for happiness has just begun. Brent is not a typical vampire. So, when a stranger named Michaela approaches him one night with a certain quest, he is intrigued. He graciously agrees to protect Raziel’s life, unaware he’ll have his own battles to face.


5 thoughts on “Book Review : Beautiful Strangers Written By Erica R. Locke

  1. Cool. My 2nd wife is an Ann Rice fan, and my best of friends in San Diego, Jenny, a Twilight fan.
    Upon Jen’s urging, as I don’t care that much for Vampire novels, she turned me onto the series True Blood. I liked it from the start, but a couple of seasons in and it went astray.
    I like the idea of Brent’s pact and Raziel’s coming of age and her powers. So I’ll give this one a try. Thanks.

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