Book Blasphemy | A Sad Story Of The Horror I Witnessed

Have you ever witnessed something so adverse, exasperating, and incomprehensible that the motive is beyond understanding? A month or so ago I had the displeasure of watching the worst kind of book blasphemy. This is that story.

I am seething with chagrin and absolute horror at the tragedy I have witnessed. I instantly knew that this would be something I would have to write about; however, I have been struggling to find the proper words to express my feelings. I had the displeasure of witnessing the worst kind of book blasphemy and waste I have ever observed in my life. The day began as fairly normal with my loud blaring alarm waking me up at 5am to let me know it was time to once again to face the world despite the fact the sun remained happily asleep. I responded with a few curse words and got ready for the day hating life as I went because it was WAY too early!

I usually do not begin to like the world until I have had coffee and time to comprehend that I am awake. I am not and never will be a morning person. By the time I arrived to work I was my happy, cheerful self. The cold morning walk to work and a cup of coffee usually does the trick. At this point my day is now good. I have coffee and am in the office with the heater going. My Co-workers and I are having a great morning at our desks despite how hectic and busy the day already is.

This is when the unthinkable happens.

In order to explain properly, I have to share how the office is designed. My desk and another desk are placed right in front of a huge window I like to call the fish bowl. It is the type of window that you can see out of but not into.. This window offers a good view of the parking lot, office buildings, and a dumpster area. On the morning of the tragedy there was a man emptying one of the upstairs offices. I am not sure the story behind this. I do not know if the man was moving out and clearing his office or if he was moving in. He could have easily been clearing out what someone else had left behind. I think the latter is more likely based on the fact he was either throwing away stuff in our office dumpster or placing items in a big dumpster rental that he had brought.

This does not sound all that extraordinary or unusual except for the fact he was literally throwing away big bins full of books! I mean boxes of boxes of perfectly good books! We were all quite horrified by this. How could he! What on earth is this man thinking?

The amount of books thrown away filled a significant bottom half of the dumpster. These books were not only modern, popular, and interesting reads but in excellent condition. There were several copies of The Hunger Game and Divergent series. A few of them were special editions! It is unfortunate that only a handful could be saved and were not ruined.

The whole situation saddened and disgusted me. There is so much the person could have done with these books. They could have donated them to those who have a need for books such as libraries, schools, and charities. There is so many people in this world that would appreciate and value the books how they were meant to be. He could have even held a book garage sale and sold them cheaply for a few bucks. It is a tragic thing that anyone would ever think that throwing away perfectly good books is reasonable, morale, and acceptable. I assure you it is not!

What are your thoughts fellow book lovers?


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43 thoughts on “Book Blasphemy | A Sad Story Of The Horror I Witnessed

  1. Yikes! Like he was really dumping loads and loads of books? But he could have just done literally anything with them except that! He could have sold them to a thrift store that would have been better in comparison.

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  2. Goodness!! Clearly the man was not in his right mind. Who throws away books like that? I mean respect them!! And if you have no need of them then at least donate them to a library or charity? Gosh, did you by any chance get around asking the man why he did that?

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  3. What a monster! Who does something like this??? Even if he doesn’t like books, he could have found someone who does. Post free books on Facebook and get out of the way.

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  4. That is horrible! How difficult would it have been to just drop them at a charity shop or ask if a school library wanted them! (plus, asking around the office first if anyone wanted to take them home would be any sane person’s first step, right??)

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  5. That man should’ve been thrown in the dumpster along with the books!

    Joking, but that is such a waste wow. He could’ve sold them, he could’ve given them away like you mentioned. Literature is such a mind-opening, beautiful medium that has thoroughly changed my life. Those books could’ve changed someone else’s. That is truly a shame.

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  6. Outrageous! I’ve never been dumpster diving, but to save those books, I would have tried my hand at it.

    Everybody is right. The books should have been donated. I don’t think I’ve ever thrown away a book in my life. I, like the others, donate them to a library or a thrift store.

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  7. that hurt my heart. ive never thrown a book away. if i decide not to keep them i donate them. and i like to buy books from goodwill as well. What was he thinking!?! Atleast place them near dumpster with a free sign.

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    • Seriously! There is a big street and a gas station right there. He could have put a free sign and there would have been takers. It was hard to watch. As I said in the post , this happened like a month ago but last week I watched him throw two bins of books away again. 😦


      • isnt that justifiable murder? i mean id say so no judge would convict you. lol. id love to see a bin of free books. my heart would be so happy itd be like christmas. what if one book could have made someone happy. (perhaps someone had a kid who wanted a book but they couldnt afford it) ugh!

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  8. I agree with you that the man could have donated these books to charity. There are several charity shops within easy walking distance of my home, including one for the mental health charity Mind and another for Cancer Research UK, both of which are very good causes. Having said that, a friend who has worked in a charity shop told me how the store sent a whole set of the Inciclopedia Britannica for recycling on the grounds that (they believed) no one would buy it. I am sure that had it been advertised on Ebay or similar site that someone would have purchased it. I find the trashing of this work of reference sad as the complete Britannica is no longer printed, only being available online (or on CD) for a subscription. I am sure that someone would have considered the hard copy to constitute a collectors item, plus there are those who still value print reference books.


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  9. I completely agree with you Samantha. That is a terrible waste. If you are too lazy to sell them, and make some decent money, then donate them. Anywhere. To anyone. I would have gone out and stopped him, in not so nice words. And rescued those books. I love books. All books. Old. New. Used. Frayed. Mint. Books are dreams.

    So sad to hear that. I really love used books, because i can get so many, so cheap! My favorite books are a early edition of Winston Curchill’s The Second World War, signed by the original owner, a high rank British officer. Old. Marked. Too cool to ever part with.

    Save the books!

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  10. Yes it is a shame they were not donated to a library, Goodwill or Salvation Army. What people do is sometimes inconceivable. You must have been upset all day long after witnessing that.

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