The Latest Blog Updates – An Important Message From Samantha James

I am very happy with the great start the blog has had over the last month. We are new but are making connections and getting our reviews,stories, and love for books out there in the open. I would like to take a moment to offer my gratitude.

I truly deeply appreciate all the support, feedback, and interest everybody is taking in what I am posting. I am glad the writing tips helped and my reviews/book post are being enjoyed! The feedback on my poems and short stories have been incredibly valuable.

So far I have posted book reviews, favorite picks, and classical literature for enjoyment because reading is one of the best interest a person can have. I love all types of genres such as fantasy, mystery, crime, romance and more. Luckily, there are so many talented authors to keep our love of books forever satisfied.

On the blog I have also begun sharing short stories that I have written such as The Haunting Of Mackleberry Bridge and poems in the Poetry Corner. I am really excited to share my writing as I continue to grow my skill. I admit I am very far off from being anywhere near a good writer. My writing needs tons of improvement in dialogue, point-of-view, proof-editing, and clarity. The feedback I have received indicates so far that my flow is usually decent but the meaning is not always easily understood. Luckily, I have this great community and am learning as I go!

The blog has a ton of exciting post coming up for the rest of April and into the month of May. I would like to go over what can readers can look forward to!

  • MURDER MONDAY This is a new section we are incorporating into the blog and a post you can expect weekly. The title is self explanatory. I will be doing various post surrounding the topic of murder/crime etc. Last monday’s murder post was Tell-Tale heart by Edgar Allan Poe. This coming week’s Murder Monday will different. I intend to get creative with these post!
  • REVIEWS – The blog has several post planned including a book review from an author named Mercedes Rochelle that is next on our posting list. I also have a review from my night at the movie theaters! There will be a post about a horrible book experience I recently underwent titled The Worst Book Blasphemy I Ever Saw. I am really looking forward to sharing these with you guys!
  • AUTHOR INTERVIEW – This is really exciting! I recently have developed a new favorite author and I got to not only beta read two of their books but also interview them!!! I cannot wait to share this with everyone!
  • NEW SHORT STORY – I will be doing another photo writing challenge. The plan is to write a brand new short story based off of a random photo. The photo in question has not been picked yet but shall be on Tuesday this coming week!
  • CORDELIA ALVIN- I cannot express without great excitement and enthusiasm how I am looking forward to this! Cordelia Alvin is a new blog series I am writing. It is fully titled The Cordelia Alvin Dragon Trilogy. It will be an ongoing series of short stories regular posted on the blog surrounding the love between the fairy Cordelia Alvin and a dragon named Cole Turner. Click Here if you want to read the two first installments of this epic fantasy adventure!

Now I would love to get know those here in the book and author community. I have so far been finding very talented and amazing people. I spent tonight making sure that all my social media is up-to-date so we can all connect!

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