New Book Release: Child Of Fire,Child of Ice By JB Trepagnier

One of my favorite recent authors JB Trepagnier has a new series being released and you can get book one right now! I had the pleasure of Beta Reading the first book. I was not disappointed! This is Trepagnier’s best work to date!


Child Of Fire, Child Of Ice is book one of The Waljan Series and the third book by this author I have read. I immensely enjoy the writing style she displays and am heavily reminded of my first favorite author V.C Andrews when reading her work. I love the uniqueness she displays and the tales she weaves. I will happily read anything JB Trepagnier writes.

This new book is amazing and outdid itself. I want to start by how I think the worlds are amazing. Earth has been lost and the humans go two separate ways. I liked this lot. It was nice having it all explained in the prologue too. Really grabs your attention. By the time I read two paragraphs of the prologue I was like holy shit this is going to be damn good.I love Isolde. She is the type of female we love to see in books. Strong but with a sensitive nature underneath. Elan, who is also a main character is as dynamic, interesting, and loveable as Isolde. There is also the bond animals …

My only thoughts on them are how interesting, cryptic, mysterious, and cute. Bonds are something I find intriguing. I always like when two people , or an animal and person are connected in such a way they can feel each other , hear each other, and are apart of each other. It is a rather compelling concept. The bond animals keep you wondering, questioning what is going on, and gives the readers a bit of mystery to guess at.

I do not want to give too much away so this is where I am going to end my review of the book and will leave you guys all with the book synopsis below.


Cendis and Avala. A planet of fire and planet of ice.

The humans that settled there after fleeing earth noticed physical and supernatural changes as time went on. After war broke out between the planets, they seemed to be cursed by their gods. Cendis lost fire and Avala lost ice. A truce was called and both planets cut off contact except for secret factions. The factions have discovered a paradise planet. The night they intend to bring it to the king, a celestial event occurs. The king on both planets and all of his advisors abruptly die and all of their wives, no matter what their age, suddenly fall pregnant.

The thirty-two children are special. They have fire and ice as well as mental gifts. The faction hides them and trains them in secret. The alliance between Cendis and Avala on the paradise planet rests in the hands of the Cendian prince and the Avalian princess and a special bond they are supposed to have. But when the Avalian princess sneaks into Cendis disguised as a slave, things go wrong. Things that threaten the lives of both groups of sixteen and could destroy both planets.


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