Book Review : Under The Dome Written By Stephen King

Under the dome was a fantastic read. It was very interesting to see how everything played out under the circumstances the characters are put under. Without revealing too much, the basic plot line is a town stuck with no way out.

The town is literally trapped under a dome with no access to the rest of the world. It really digs into each person’s basic character at heart. There is a lot of carnage, gruesome events, horror, friendship, love, and everything else that makes a book good. Stephen King really did outdo himself with this novel. It keeps you gripped from the very beginning and literally has everything including a Gestapo like mentality and police force! It really shows how each character reacts to the obstacles and struggles this town faces.

The people have no idea how long they are going to be stuck, if the air will last, and will their resources too? It creates tons of chaos! The best part of this book is how you get to see people’s darker side in times of stress and also get to equally view the good people can display under pressure. It really gives a realistic take on what might happen in the real world. I found many of the characters relatable or at least recognizable to people I have met in my life.

It has characters you route for and desperately hope they succeed along with the types of character you love to hate. It brings real-life problems and triumphs to the front and center. It has corrupt leaders, simple people, good people, and bad people. Like many of Stephen King’s books, there is not just one main character but a narrator telling the stories of several people in the town during the crisis. The irony that occurs once the dome force field is in place over the small town of Chestnut amount to all hell breaking loose progressively as the story continues. It keeps getting worse and worse the longer they are trapped. The whole story is all over the map too. It gives you a variety of corruption, panic, resourcefulness and tons of mystery! How the book ends will simply shock you to death. I died when I read the last chapter of this novel! Never in a million years would I have thought it would end the way it did. I highly recommend reading this book just to read how it ends. Now I admit as much as I liked the story and no matter how pleasantly shocked I was at the end we do need to discuss the parts I was not in love with.

Let’s begin with the ending, It had a great mystery reveal (Do not worry I won’t say!); however, it felt the ending came out of nowhere when I read this. It seemed like our dear beloved Mr. King got tired of the story so he quickly finished getting out what was needed or he was an excited child unable to draw out the ending to a reasonable pace because he was impatient! It just felt entirely hurried to me. I do like how the story did have such a mystery at the end be revealed. The question of why it all happened is surely answered in its entirety. I appreciate this as a reader because I hate walking away questioning something. So that was nice!

The next part I was not a fan of was some of the characters felt utterly unnecessary and perhaps even a few of them were created specifically to make readers sad! …. No, I am just kidding. They were there not to make us sad but to give a realistic picture of the town and those who lived in it. There is a couple that did make me sad! This story at times gets a bit tragic. Anyways, It is honestly a well-rounded and intriguing story.

12 thoughts on “Book Review : Under The Dome Written By Stephen King

  1. It’s been a few years since I read this book, but I agree with a lot of what you’ve said. I remember King’s character development being excellent (as usual) in this book. As often happens though, he seemed to create this fascinating, complex world, which in the end he didn’t know what to do with. I tend to enjoy the bulk of King’s stories but am not always so convinced about the endings!

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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  2. i love Stephen King’s books, and this is no exception. That said, I wasn’t particularly satisfied with the ending either.
    I did love however the characters and all the dynamics in the small town

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    • Yes it was a really good book but something lacked at the end. King should have spent more time with it for sure. I like the endings concept and the big reveal of why it all happened; however, it needed more! Thanks for reading my review! 😘💕

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