Top Five Book Series I Am Embarrassed To Love! What Are Yours?

As a fun way for my readers to get to know me since I am a new book blogger and quite unknown at the moment I came up with an idea. I am going to share the books I am embarrassed to love. This should give some insight into my personality.

As readers we all have those books that are loved in secret despite the criticism and hate those particular books receive from the general public. If asked what are we reading, they are not the books we want to mention. I think every reader most likely has lied at least once about what they are currently reading because they did not want to admit what was captivating them currently. I thought I would share five books I love but loathe to admit out of embarrassment. I will discuss the reasons behind the love and shame in my feelings toward them. Please enjoy.

The Twilight Saga 

Written By Stephanie Meyer

This is at the top of my list as most embarrassing. I absolutely adore all four books in the saga and have actively read them more than once. Okay… okay… so I have read each book at least five times over the last several years. They are just so good! That is the plain stark truth. All the characters in the book are just so easy to relate to. They all have distinct personalities and qualities you would find out in the real world. Setting the supernatural aside for a minute, the people in the book are just how you would find them in real life. This is a feat many authors do not quite achieve. The love between Edward and Bella is endearing and becomes fascinating when the love triangle evolves to include Jacob. You feel for these people and want to the best for all three of them. The books are never dull, to say the least.

Vampire Academy Series
Written by Richelle Mead

This book has quite an interesting storyline for the world and vampires in the story. This book has a bit of everything. Readers will enjoy action, love, oppressive government, evil queens, best friends, and loyalty. It really is a great series. I admire and adore Rose. She is such so bad-ass. I think the reason I am embarrassed by loving these books is simply that it is a vampire series. I have frequently heard lots of negative sentiments when it comes to the “over-hyped” love and obsession for vampires; however, I just do not care. The books are amazing!

Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy

Written by E.L James

The reason I am embarrassed to love this series is quite self-explanatory and easy to guess. I have to admit though I enjoy a good romance! I have no shame in admitting so. The reason these books appeal to me especially is the growth you see in the characters themselves and as a couple. No relationship is perfect and we are all a bit messed up in the head in our own ways. The author truly reflected how real-life relationships can be. Now I have to say for the record this is not about a girl being abused or made into a slave in any way. It just isn’t. That is a large misconception. Christian never abuses Ana or mistreats her. She would kick his ass if he did. She is no pushover. It really was a good series! If there had been any abuse I probably would say this. I do not enjoy reading about the mistreatment of women or men. I think everyone should treat each other with kindness and respect.

Anne Of Green Gables Series
Written by Lucy Maud Montgomery

This has to be one of my very favorites. I can listen to Anne of Green Gables for hours on audio or just read the e-book. I love Anne and the Cuthberts. I think this is an endearing coming of age story that really reflects the beauty of the small town and wonderful neighbors. I love the wholesomeness of each character and their moral values. The humor is sweet and honest. Lucy Maud Montgomery outdid herself when she created the world of Avonlea. I appreciated that it was not all butterflies and happy smiles. Real world tragedy is suffered like people do in real life. Death and lost friendships are displayed in their true form. I think the reason I am embarrassed to admit my love for these is that it really is a series for a young teen yet as an adult I can still reread them any day of the year.

Dexter Series 
By Jeff Lindsay

I really got into the series through the Showtime show based off of the book. I found out it was a books series after the fact. Both are equally good but I do enjoy the insights from the books that the TV series could never portray. I am embarrassed to love this one because who wants to admit they fell in love with a serial killer. A straight madman who enjoys taking the lives of others; however, Jeff Lindsay just does that. If you know the show or read the books then you know just how lovable Dexter really is. He has a strict code and only kills others who have killed and escaped justice. The hard thing to stomach is the fact he doesn’t do this from some moral standpoint. He just abides by his adopted father’s very ethical guidelines so he won’t get caught. Dexter is a straight psychopath with no emotions or connections to other people. I really enjoyed reading his twisted mind and as you see him start having feelings and try to live a normal life it is easy to become attached. You watch him struggle and hope he achieves getting the family and life he wants. That is all I can really say. It is definitely the unique twist on a crime novel I have ever read. They are really good and I do recommend them!

Please leave a comment below letting us know what your most embarrassing book loves our! We would love to know!

73 thoughts on “Top Five Book Series I Am Embarrassed To Love! What Are Yours?

  1. I would always steal my mother’s Jackie Collins novels when I was a teenager🤣…and I know what you’re thinking but the stories and characters were riveting as well!

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  2. I am not at all embarrassed about the book series I love: Foundation by Isaac Asimov, His Dark Materials by Phillip Pullman, Lord of the Rings by Tolkien, Legacy: Arthurian Saga by Mary Stewart, Space Trilogy by C. S. Lewis, The Barchester Chronicles by Anthony Trollope, and Anne of Green Gables by Lucy Montgomery.

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  3. Enjoy all the books you want to read. I wouldn’t be embarrassed about what I read. I went through all kinds of genres. I read many Harlequin Romance books and Danielle Steele novels. Haha Thanks for the follow.

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  4. When people start criticizing a book you love, you tend to hide your obsession over the same book! Well, I really liked Twilight and 50 shades of grey but the hate for them often makes me question my choices… at least, I know now that I am not alone in loving these series. I am happy to find you here! 🙂

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  5. No one should be embarrassed to read Anne of Green Gables! I don’t have novels I’m embarrassed to read so much as novels I don’t want to have ot explain when people see me reaidng them. This would include romance novels and horror novels with really horrible covers. I like the look of your blog BTW!

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  6. Never be embarrassed to read anything. As an inveterate lifelong reader (obsessive really) I can confirm that every last word comes together in a crescendo of harmonious meaning at some stage! Try to be at home sitting comfortably! I’ve never managed a logical series, my mind follows mysterious paths through the various media 🙂 …but maybe now is the time…

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  8. Thanks for the follow. I’m not keen on your selection but mine… pshaw, it’s pretty bad in its own ‘another crap crime thriller? Bring it on’ way I have. I’m forced by conscience and wife (often the same thing) to intersperse ‘quality’ But it is a struggle sometimes!

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    • We all have our own personal taste and no doubt that is what makes the reading world so interesting. We can share what we liked, what we didn’t, and our thoughts! Thanks for leaving a comment and better listen to that wife. She sounds like she knows what she is doing! ❤


  9. *blushes* Twilight… There was one chapter that really made me cringe as a writer, the one where she spends the entire chapter meandering through her day at school. After that though, not too shabby. I really enjoyed ‘Host’ as well, suggest giving it a read. I felt like it was more solid than twilight. She has a new book out too, I’m a little curious.

    Couldn’t stand 50 shades though. Every time she had an orgasm it was exactly the same phrase. Not to mention the whole repetition about his eyes. It drove me crazy.


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  10. Excellent post. Way to be brave and admit which books you’re embarrassed to have enjoyed, haha. I honestly did not know that about 50 Shades, that the woman wasn’t abused in any way, and I’m glad to know that now. Anne of Green Gables, something tells me I would enjoy those books but for some reason I still haven’t gotten around to reading them.

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  11. I’m never embarrassed by what I read, unless it’s porn. I got stung a few days ago by it. It’s definitely not my genre of choice. Other than that, I’m not going to be shamed for what I read.
    I loved The 50 Shades, after I got through the first book. It was a rough read. I also read all of the Dexter books and watched the TV series.
    Oh, you might find this amusing. I go for cancer screenings every six months. The guy who runs the CT machine looks a lot like Michael C. Hall. I am not kidding. Every time I see him, I think, “Yep. I’m getting up on your table. Willingly. Where’s the plastic wrap and where are the knives?”

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  12. i loved the twilight series and i am also #teamJacob. I did not watch the last movie because i knew the ending. I just saw that recently and i absolutely hated Bella’s acting. I always found Kristen’s acting as Bella a bit constipated and after turning she is worse but i liked Jacob and Renesme.
    i always wanted to read vampire academy and hopefully someday i will.

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    • They are good. I would also go as far to say Vampire Academy is my dynamic and intensive but also has a more hilarious side to it. Worth reading! I don’t blame your dislike of the twilight movies. Have seen them all because of my love for the series but ehh.

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      • After leaving a message in your blog i read the first vampire academy novel. unfortunately I did watch the movie when it was released. I found the book very good and realized movie was not so bad and not so different than novel. Nobody can replicate the book still it was good. I wish somehow like Shadowhunter series this will also be made into a TV series.

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    • They are all awesome books I have enjoyed as well! Thanks for reading my blog! Oh btw #TeamJacob ❤ Haha, but even I have to admit that if Bella had ended up with Jacob, that wouldn't have worked. Myers ended the series perfect. Bella perfectly with Edward, and tremendous hope for Jacob finding his match in Renesme. <

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  13. I have to admit, I read the series because a girl at work I really liked asked me to read them because she wanted someone to talk about them to. So I read the Twilight books amd actually liked them. Only to fight out she had a husband anyway.

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    • Oh I heard Blyton was a very good author but never have read them ! Maybe that is something to do with my own little person who is learning to read. He is in 3rd grade. I am always trying to find anything that will catch his attention!

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  14. I’m not embarrassed by this, it’s just that everyone around me finds it annoying – but I love Shakespeare. I bought his complete works when I was around 15, four years before we’d read him in school. I have a (too) small collection of movie adaptions, and quite a few of them are the same stories, just different adaptions. I have three different versions of Hamlet, one of them I even have two off because it went out of production and I wanted to make sure I had a backup if anything happened to it.

    All of that was really just a long and complicated way of saying: I’m a huge geek, and I’m too busy geeking to care what anyone thinks about it 😁 (unless they want to join me in obsessing over Benedick)

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  15. I used to laugh at Star Wars lovers, The conventions and cosplay. The movies, even the cartoon series’. But after devouring close to 80 books in the expanded universe I have to admit to being a fan. Darth Plaguis is by far my favorite. And since I’m exposing my inner nerd and still hoping to convince some of you to join me I am a huge fan of R.A. Salvatores character Drizzt. The Forgotten Realms books are some of the most well written books I’ve ever hidden away in my room to read or listen to ( I often cheat and listen to books on tape. But hey I drive more than I get free time to read and with Drizzt series boasting 40+ books, I intend to use my time wisely) I’ll say little about the next 3 but since you were brave enough to share 5, I’ll do the same. Harry Potter, Percy Jackson and almost all of Terry Pratchetts Discworld books. Ok. There I said it. Bring on the embarrassment. I’m going to go read. Thanks for sharing! GREAT POST!


  16. I’m a little embarrassed that I read the Demon Slayer series by Angie Fox. I’m not much into romance novels, but I met Angie when she and I both volunteered for a project for the St. Louis Writer’ Guild and she’s such a fun-loving, delightful person I couldn’t resist giving her NY Times bestsellers a read. They’re funny. Really funny. Hysterically funny. The main character inherited demon-slayer powers and her grandmother is part of a biker-witch gang. Her love interest looks like a Greek god, but he’s really a gargoyle who took on that form so he could move among humans without drawing the wrong kind of attention. While the books follow the typical romance novel formula, they are so whimsical that I got hooked. But I admit I did a lot of eye-rolling while I was reading them because some of the action is so far-fetched.

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  17. I enjoyed the hunger games series, probably the most embarrassed I could get about a series I’ve read. Favourite series would be The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. No chance in hell of being embarrassed about loving that. 🙂

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  18. I don’t really have a book series I am embarrassed about reading, but I am embarrassed I haven’t been able to finish “A Series of Unfortunate Events.” When they first came out, I was excited to read them, then I got disinterested. I think I should finish it but I feel like I’m too old now lol

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